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4/7/2015 12:55 PM

Hey guys, not very active on here but looking for some help. I put in an order at chain reaction on march 20 and has been lost in the mail. I can't even contact them because they just send automated messages and their phone line never has anyone. I'm just really pissed off and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and how I should go about getting a replacement package or a refund, thanks


4/7/2015 1:21 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/7/2015 1:25 PM

I just ordered from them recently and got my package in under a week. Did you receive a tracking number? If so where was the last place your package was scanned? I've heard they have good customer service. Are you taking the time zone difference into consideration when your are calling?


4/7/2015 1:40 PM

Nah I just got standard shipping, no tracking number. And yea I've been calling around the clock nobody picks up. Here's a whole bunch of people with the same problem


4/7/2015 1:48 PM

My free shipping came with a tracking number. It must have something to do with what country it is going to. Is it possible that it got tied up in customs? That sucks that you didn't get what you ordered. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help.


4/7/2015 2:04 PM

File a dispute with your bank if you cannot get anyone to respond. This last weekend was a Holiday so that can factor.

But yea, file a dispute with your bank stating GOODS NOT RECEIVED. They'll help you out.


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