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4/28/2018 11:25 PM

So I’m goofy at everything besides grinds , but I barspins into my back foot , kick whips with my front foot , x ups and toboggans into my back foot ...

Tried all of them “normally” (actually switch for me ) and it’s just fucked how difficult it can be . So I figured one day I’d just try and adjust my feet instead because learning barspins and tailwhips “switch” ( normal ) would take foreevveerrr. Anyways I rode for about an hour with my buddy practically all switch footed , but doing my tricks the same and I feel as if it would be more beneficial . Obviously it’s weird and everything feels like I’m starting out new again but it seems like once I get comfy , it would make life easier in terms of getting tricks like barspins flyout and into spins , because when I did them with my goofy footing , I struggled to keep the bike stable even flat . It’s a pretty fun little change , I don’t know if I’ll ever master riding switch footed but I’m thinking of having my left foot stance for my grinds and manuals and maybe have a right foot stance for tricks like whips and bars , who knows .


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4/29/2018 12:36 AM

I think you're contradicting your original problem though... you don't wanna take the time to learn bars and whips "switch" but you'll take the time to switch your footing and completely relearn everything? I say just learn them that way either way. I do my whips goofy too, they were a pain in the ass to learn though.

I feel like learning them the "wrong" way makes it easier to learn them the "right" way later on. For instance, I have a somewhat easy time learning everything I can do regular, opposite as well. maybe that's just cause that's the way I'm "supposed" to do them in the first place though, idk haha. sometimes just dickin around I'll switch my feet up and try things but fuck actually committing and learning switch footed, seems so sketchy and a lot of work for nothing


4/29/2018 1:40 AM

It really doesn't matter. Watch Mike aitken.

You can counter balance your bike with bars by adjusting your body weight and leaning your seat against your calf. I think you're way over thinking this. Plenty of people can bar both ways, you don't see them riding switch to do oppo tricks


4/30/2018 6:26 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/30/2018 6:28 AM

I know a few folks who forced themselves to switch up their footing and it worked wonders for them in terms of tricks in general being easier to learn.

Also, one of my bestfriends doesn't ride any specific foot forward, he switches his feet up mid-line to accommodate his next trick(s) and tbh it makes his riding that much more mind-blowing (for example, he tailwhips switch-footed & crank flips regular footed.) Dont know too many guys that can pull it off.

At the end of the day, phuk what people on a forum have to say about it. Ride your bike & progress the way you want to. That's why it's called freestyle wink


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