Chase Hawk Tires???

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11/19/2015 4:09 AM

So there may has been a thread about this in the past, but I never really saw a straight answer.

What do you guys think about the Odyssey Chase Hawk Tires?

Are they grippy on concrete park?

I ask because I found a good deal on a pair of them and I need tires, but I am kind of unsure about them. A buddy of mine says they are great, but a lot of other people say they are slippery.

Also, what do you think about running them front and back?


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11/19/2015 4:56 AM



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11/19/2015 8:06 AM

I say they are grippy, just remember that they are slicks.
The best explanation I have on the grip is there was this pool me and my friends rode, and there was always a slimy/slippery feel to it. I rode it with some fresh broken in fit FAF's and I always slipped on certain transitions or when I slowed down.
Then the hawks came out unexpectedly so I buy them right away and ride the same pool and there was no usual slippage at all. I really didnt expect that.


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11/19/2015 11:38 AM
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I've rode them for a while. They were really slippy the first week or so but after i broke them in there were great. Never slipped on me. But they do tear easily, riding around i saw slashes in the tread after like a month. then 3-4 months the tread was tearing up and almost ripped threw the tire. I had to get new tires because the tire got thin and i was scared of getting flats.


11/19/2015 1:15 PM

buy them. they're slippery when you first get them (just like all tires are) but I ride mostly street and concrete park and they work great. just be careful on indoor parks, they can be kinda slippery then


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11/19/2015 1:24 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/19/2015 1:25 PM

Never rode this tyre personnally but as I expected, people says it grips really well once it's a bit broken.
Now i think if the ground is too dusty, the lack of agressive line on the tire can make it slippy.
So I think it can make a supergreat rear tyre, but I wouldn't trust it one the front.
For the simple and execellent reason than on a bike, if you rear tyre slip, volountary or not you can re take the control of your bike, but if your front tyre slip... you'll eat shit !