Chicago Suburb Park Testing Out BMX Bikes!

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7/7/2015 12:04 PM

I saw that there is a "Midwest" sub forum here but it looks like a graveyard and I was kind of hoping for more people to see this post. Feel free to move this there if this is a violation:

Stevenson Park Skate Park in Oak Park, IL is opening it's "doors" to BMX riders on the second Tuesday of July & August - the first day being Tuesday, July 14th. BMX hours will be 3PM-8PM.

Event Announcement:

This skate park is located off of the Green Line between the Austin and Ridgeland stops - right next to the train tracks. It is a typical free, outdoor skate park that was probably intended for skate boards. Nothing huge or crazy, but it is the only one in the town that is thinking about BMX riders.

I have lived down the road from it for almost two years and have observed it daily from my train window every evening around 5:30PM. I have never seen more than 12 people (mainly little kids) making use of the park at the same time...even during summer. I am no longer an "avid" rider but I still enjoy riding around and doing some 180s and manuals here and there. I have driven by riders far younger than me who could probably benefit a lot from a safe place to ride in Oak Park/Austin.

I contacted someone from the Park District over a year ago about the current state of the skate park and the lack of "activity" in the park. They told me they would add the issue to an upcoming town survey that would be randomly fielded to the townsfolk. I think these two BMX days are a result of their survey's questions.

Someone's skating video of a contest at the park from 2006...looks pretty similar to it's current state:

Baggy clothing all over!

Show it some love if you are in the area on the 14th of July and the 11th of August!!!