Chill sess. Trey Turner

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8/20/2013 2:24 AM

This is a 6 clip video of myself at my local skatepark! I wanted to create a new channel, and also create a little video to hold people off till I make my street edit! This edit is pretty chill and the shortest one I ever made, but im sure you guys will enjoy it. Check it out!

8/20/2013 2:29 AM

hell yeah man that was pretty dam good
can't wait for the new stuff


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8/20/2013 5:03 AM

Damn son, one of the few good edits on here and no-one comments on it, props tho, was really good.


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I got refs

8/20/2013 8:27 AM

Sick! Keep it up. That last clip was so dirty!


8/20/2013 9:13 AM



8/20/2013 9:20 AM

Siick! You gotta get a better filmier but your riding was on point.