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12/26/2015 7:31 AM

Im thinking about getting fit T/A tyres 2.4 in gum, Because they look sick, and are 75 percent off at the moment where i live. i have heard really good things and bad things so im not sure.
Also a fit bossless guard sprocket (black or polished im not sure) i have chrome bars so polished might go with it.
some hub guards and two fit pegs with plastic selves as well. (bit worried because i have heard horror stories that grinding can dent frames but i feel like its the next step to start grinding)
Whats you're opinion on all this?


12/26/2015 7:54 AM

Everyone goes through tires at different rates. I have the T/A's, I dug them. I literally just took them off because I wanted a little more clearance in the rear end. They can get a little slippery on smooth surfaces and can be a little unpredictable at times but it gets better as they break in and you get used to them. I ran them around 50-60psi and they were comfortable.

By bossless sprocket I'm guessing you're talking spline drive? I've never run the key guard sprocket but a lot of local guys have, works just fine. Color is up to you, when in doubt buy black.

As far as pegs go, steel is where it's at. I've tried plastic sleeves in the past and I just didn't like the feel of it. Everybody's different. Plastic opens up your chance of being able to slide stuff you wouldn't have been able to touch with steel pegs but at this point that really shouldn't be a huge concern of yours. I ride pegless 99.9% of the time but carry a set of steel pegs in case I get the itch. Doesn't happen much.

Damaging, denting, scratching, gouging your frame is bound to happen, regardless of how careful you are. Eventually you're going to miss a grind and land on your frame. Most of the time you're not really going to be doing much damage to the frame aside from cosmetic damage. Just keep an eye on welded areas and wherever you've scratched or dented it to make sure it's not cracking or you haven't tore the chainstay wide open and you'll be fine. A frame isn't as easily replaceable as something like a tire but it's going to wear out eventually and will need to be replaced at some point.

Hope that helps a bit.


12/26/2015 8:48 AM

most likely going to get the fit T/A tyres or fit FAF.
No pegs or sprocket.
New grips.
Shadow interlock chain.


12/26/2015 8:51 AM

Pegless_215 wrote:

Everyone goes through tires at different rates. I have the T/A's, I dug them. I literally just took them off because I wanted ...more

Thanks heaps! i ride mostly at the park that is smooth concrete :/ would i be all g with those tyres and i also ride high psi around 90 is normal for me.
Im not getting the pegs nor sprocket anymore but will be getting a shadow interlock chain.
Grips is a must as well.
thanks again for you're help it helped me decide better!