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SteezySteve SteezySteve
6/25/2013 8:15 AM

I've heard a lot of stuff about them both really good and really bad. Plus theres a ton of myths about them.
I'm worried they'll start to flake within 6 months as well
The rims I wanted where Chrome G-Sport Ribcages

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Topsey Topsey
6/25/2013 8:20 AM

My friend has my old 7KA rims they are flaking like you wouldn't believe! BUT.. They're 7 (Yes SEVEN) years old. The problem is the regulations on Chrome have been tightened quite a lot because Chrome spores are toxic to humans if inhaled. I personally wouldn't buy a modern Chrome rim. I mean you could get Clear pads with a Black rim however after a little while the Black will be pulled off by the pads. My recommendation is to look into getting a Polished rim. Something like an Eclat Polar or Odyssey Aerospace rim, i cannot say what the brake performance is like compared to a Chrome rim however, you will never have to deal with flaking Chrome or Brake wear & they look very similar.

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Topsey Topsey
6/25/2013 8:23 AM

Oh & I mentioned Brake wear purely because that is the main reason most people buy Chrome rims. If you want them just for looks DEFFO get Polished rims!

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Chuck8273 Chuck8273
6/25/2013 8:42 AM

The problem with chrome plating aluminum is that chrome is far more resistant to corrosion than aluminum. You can't plate over a corrosion resistant barrier like anodizing, and you have to put a thin layer of another metal over the aluminum to get it to stick, because chrome will not stick to aluminum. The other metal is usually copper, if memory serves. Once chrome plated wheels get wet, the corrosion starts under neath the chrome. The aluminum will corrode more rapidly because chrome is the less reactive metal by far, and aluminum creates a grayish white powder as it corrodes called aluminum oxide. As the powder builds, the chrome has nothing to stick to, and it flakes off. Also, chrome is very poisonous as Sir Topum hat stated above, which is another reason they end up going with a less toxic solution. If you want to make money, move to a county in a state that has relaxed EPA laws and set up a plating shop there. Then just make sure you dispose of your waste in a manner that is above the state and county regulations, and you look like a hero to your clients as well as the area you're in! Win!

Edit: I just realized you're both in Great Brittain, so the last part probably wouldn't work for you at all, haha. Ignore that part.

Refs: Tito24, RiverSideRider, Stussy, Nettyspaghetti, Daniel24, Freddydapice, BrokenBMX, SuperstarDK, HardBMX_Tim. There's more, but I'm too lazy to look them up, haha.

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