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2/20/2018 4:33 PM

are the proper microlite rims and the cinema 333's the same colour of purple
I have a 333 and I need a new back rim and cant find 333's for sale near me
also are there any other purple rims to consider getting {either one that matches a 333 or just getting two new ones}


2/20/2018 5:41 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/20/2018 8:02 PM

Go online... (I use Dancomp!)
Personally I like Cinema rims. If I could afford gsport rims I would get those.


2/25/2018 12:40 PM

Well the Proper rims have a welded seam which is going to be the better rim. The Cinema 333 rims have a pinned seam. I rode a proper microlite for years and had no issues, it is light and durable.. fairly easy to get most tires on or off of the rim too


2/25/2018 1:17 PM

The Proper will be a better rim compared to the 333 , but if you’re not airing 4ft out of a quarter and casing either will be fine . If you’re worried pump up your tires and it’ll help your rims from bending .

I highly doubt you’d break either anytime soon . I rode Cinema 777 rims and they were bomb as fuck , I imagine the 333 would last for most people .


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