Clanking sound

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8/13/2016 8:11 PM

Theres a clanking sound coming from my bike. Everything is tight and can't figure it out


8/13/2016 9:03 PM

That's a bit vague, when does it make the sound? Where does the sound come from?


8/13/2016 9:50 PM

It only makes the sound if i hop or something, and it sounds like its coming from the back of the bike. Maybe aroud the wheel


8/13/2016 11:34 PM

Could be your chain hitting the seatstay


8/14/2016 12:06 AM

if you got sealed bb the spacer inside it is loose. take nit apart and retighten everything. make sure you realign the crank spindle or your sprocket wont line up straight with the rear cog thingy. whenever you get to that part put ur chain back on and keep the cranks loose and tighten the outside bolt that goes into the spindle. idk how to put it in normal person terms i need to go to bed. youll figure it out. its in your cranks. trust me. or if you have a gyro and your detangle wires smacking against the bars ziptie that down.


8/14/2016 12:44 AM

The only way a tube spacer will rattle is if it's too short, or your crank bolts aren't tight. If it's too short you need to take your cranks and bb out and add the appropriate spacers to make it the correct length


8/14/2016 6:55 AM

Ok thanks


8/15/2016 4:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/15/2016 4:48 PM

Chain slap, brake cable slap (if you run stoppers), or the BB spacer is moving, which would mean too short or loose parts like stated above.

Or one of your buddies had a laugh by putting a bearing in a little grease inside your bike somewhere so it clanks when you land because is pops loose and then sticks.


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