Clear Brake Pads

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10/26/2009 1:14 PM

I've got a friend who wanted to get some clear brake pads cause the color on his rim was goin away. But in less then a week of having clear brake pads just about all of the color wore off his rim and they come out alignment all the time. And they are fuckin loud!

anyone else havin the same issues?


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10/26/2009 1:29 PM
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Time has shown us that even clear pads wear the color off of rims.Tired of playing with kid stuff ?Pick up a pair of finned Mathauser pads(right)[LINK TO IMAGE]


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10/26/2009 1:39 PM

i run clear pads but my rim paint is still fine, but they do squeak like a mother fucker. but the alignment is fine.


10/26/2009 1:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/26/2009 1:39 PM

double post, sorry.


10/26/2009 2:24 PM

loud is good. means its stickin.
clear pads are best for black rims if its not a 7ka.
i doubt your friends rim isnt true anymore cuz of the pads. hate to break it to you, but...
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10/26/2009 2:36 PM

where do you get them?


10/26/2009 3:47 PM

yeah i got the clear odyssey pads and i did one crank and stopped and the noise broke a window


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10/26/2009 3:57 PM

I ride fit wrote:

yeah i got the clear odyssey pads and i did one crank and stopped and the noise broke a window



10/26/2009 3:59 PM

when you pass by riders who are better then you and you want ther attention, squeak your pads in front of them then do something rad


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10/26/2009 5:20 PM

i run the clear ody pads on my hard ano back g-sport ribcage and they stick like a mfer but are LOUD AS HELL never had a louder brake, they are louder that cool stops on a chrome rim but the rim is showing NO signs of wear and one of the pads did come loose and spin one time but im assuming it wasnt tight enough