Clearance between cranks and chainstays

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4/24/2017 8:34 PM

How much on both sides?


4/24/2017 9:41 PM

You don't need a lot of space if it already clears , I mean cranks don't really flex enough to ever hit your frame and they don't really warp or dent to the point that their would be clearance issues.

On my first bike I had it so close it hit , and it shaved some metal off over time and it just worked itself out . Now currently I maybe have 1-2mm of clearance ? To be honest if it clears and your chain alignment is good that's all that matters


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4/26/2017 1:17 PM

probably want about 4 metres between the crank and chainstays.

but for real, 0.5 - 1.5cm is a good width


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4/26/2017 2:57 PM

Mounted my cranks and messed around with spacers until I got about 3/16" clearance on both sides.