Clearing big double

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8/24/2019 8:17 PM

Im having issues clearing this big dirt double with my bike. I know if I go fast and boost hard I will clear the jump easily, it's just that I have confidence issues with doubles because if I mess up, then I usually crash hard. Any tips?


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8/24/2019 8:38 PM

I'd start with a helmet and bar ends installed.


8/24/2019 8:52 PM

Go fast and pad up


8/24/2019 10:14 PM

Follow someone that has it so you know the speed you need


8/24/2019 11:36 PM

Stay relaxed so you don’t freeze in the air. If you’re not going to make it, throw the bike, if you freeze up and stay on the bike you’ll eat a lot of shit


8/25/2019 3:49 AM

There’s a set of trails by me that always have plywood or pallet bridges connecting the lip and landings that beginners put there to work on getting the jump dialed, then they take away the wood and are good to go. Maybe try this, but just be aware that if you didn’t build the jump, it’s generally frowned upon, so ask first. good luck.


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8/25/2019 1:21 PM

If anything, short ones are more dangerous because you have less time to adjust for the landing. wink


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8/26/2019 7:02 AM

Pad up, helmet, and follow someone who is comfortable on it to gauge speed. DON'T jump it if you are shaking.


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8/26/2019 7:42 AM

Just frontflip it, it helps going further.