Colony BMX Brand Street?

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9/19/2017 7:55 PM

Is colony a good bmx brand for street riding too? I like their company but I'm more of a street than park rider and I'm like 200 pounds so I'm a little heavier. I wanna get their freecoaster cause I already have their front wheel and I want matching wheel companies. should I go with it or no? I wanna switch over from cassette to coaster


9/19/2017 8:26 PM

Colony is the shit.


9/19/2017 10:54 PM

they make good shit , half the team are park and the other are street assassins .... Jack Kelly is the man !


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9/20/2017 1:15 AM

It's more about the team that determines if people perceive a brand as park or street. But yeah, it'll be fine for you.


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9/20/2017 1:41 AM

if you are ridin pegs i'd recommend you a coaster with the hubguards already "on" it

you save a lot of money with not buying additional hubguards


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