Colony Emerge 2020 vs Fitbike co Mac 2019 Pac

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4/9/2020 11:49 PM

Hey guys,

I'm trying to decide between these two bikes:

Colony Emerge 2020 and Fitbike co Mac 2019 Pac

They both look pretty well spec'd for the price - I can get either of them for $699 Australian.

I'm 13 and 5' would the 20.25 Mac Pac be a better fit for me than a 20.4 Colony Emerge, or is it too small a difference to notice? Is 20.4 getting to big for my size?

How do the specs on these bikes look to you guys for a teenager getting started on dirt jumps and street?

Thanks heaps for your time!



4/10/2020 2:01 AM

Hey dude, both these bikes will be solid, and are actually pretty similar too. You would definitely notice that .15" top tube. The thing that swings me more than anything is that both hubs on the Colony are sealed bearing, whereas only the front on the Fit. The colony will also give you more room to grow, as well, which I'm sure you'll be doing plenty of in the next few years!

$699 for either is a solid deal, too.


4/10/2020 5:51 AM

Thanks Brody, I didn't realise the rear was unsealed on the Fit. Thanks for pointing it out.