Confusing Barspin Question

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8/1/2013 8:09 PM

SO I Ride LEFT foot forward and I got used to throwing the bars with my RIGHT hand, now my problem is I throw the bars and catch with my left and the bike goes on a slight lean and my right foot comes off. Will this problem be resolved if I start throwing with my left hand and catching with my right?


8/1/2013 8:23 PM

No it wont. I throw them oppo basically. I can almost do trucks to fakie like that too (the bars basically gotta do a double bar to get around that way lol The problem is... PINCHING YOUR SEAT!! put that seat up 4 inches or however is tall enough for you to pinch it. I had that problem where my bike would go sideways and how i solved that is pinching. if you dont pinch a higher seat it wont do that. If you even pinch a low seat it wont give you enough control. So crank that seat higher, pinch it, and toss em however works.


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