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6/19/2016 3:08 PM

Hey everyone , been looking into getting some 160-165mm cranks for a while now , but havent pulled the trigger on anything . I've been wanting BSD Substance cranks in 165 but unfortunately 3ride and OGC sell out super fast I'm sold , and I don't know anywhere else I can get them in Canada without driving around checking each shop . I noticed Transition has Profile Columns in 160 I'd be interested in , but there's a couple things . One , price point , I don't want to blow an arm and leg off my savings to get them ( BSD Cranks are about 200$ with a code on 3ride ) . I know Profile makes good stuff , but they have crank wobble too supposedly like the hubs ? I know the other guy who posted the 160mm crank thread said he liked his but he just got them soooo :/ I can get Fiend cranks in 165 for a decent price , and I'm sure they'd be good , but say if Profile is going to be miles better then them , I'd rather get them in a sense , even though I don't want to kill my wallet . Is 165 to 160 noticeable ? Anyone ride any of the cranks metioned ? It's not a major necessity , but I want to be comfy and toss on my 4th peg again without clipping my feet every 5 minutes .

As well , I just learned crankflips and I know it's not bad , don't go posting pictures of your fucking shrapnel wounds of your shin lol but I'm thinking about getting Colony shinpads to help and throw on for future tricks . I'm looking for something more slim / under jeans without being bulky as fuck and something that doesn't move around . Anyone know or have these ? 5 straps , should be nice .


Day 1 of crankflips with plastics haha #chickenleg


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6/19/2016 3:41 PM

Profile cranks can develop a wobble, just like any other 48 spline cranks. It only happens over years of not keeping them tight though. Lifetime warranty on all their cranks too. Worst case scenario with the profiles is you run them loose for 10years, they start to wobble, you either get replacement cranks under warranty, or by a new axle.