Cranks spin slightly forward on my bike while doing tricks with my feet of

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11/7/2016 5:13 AM

Basically I have been doing whiplashes for years now and never had a problem but 2 days ago every time I do one my cranks turn like half a crank mid wiplash , it's so annoying , I usually ride a really lose chain and I know if I tighten it , it might solve the problem but I do a lot of crank flips so I don't won't to really, anyone have an idea what the problem is ? ( and I have a promo freemix if that's any help


11/7/2016 8:12 AM

Tightening the chain will most definitely help the problem, but if you don't want to do that just do the opposite of what your cranks are doing. When you go into the whiplash, just set your peddles a quarter of a crank back to compensate for it


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11/7/2016 12:28 PM

I prefer to find the solution to the problem than doing that


11/7/2016 12:50 PM

Check if your driver cone is loose, had same problem and that fixed it