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5/21/2015 9:58 AM

Alright, so I've got a pair of Eclat tibia cranks. 22mm 48 splined. I am in dyer need of a new sprocket, I am interested in the Odyssey la gaurdia sprocket, it says it works for 19mm and 48 spline. My question is: will it fit my cranks spindle? It doesn't say anything about 22mm cranks but it says 48 spline. Help please.


5/21/2015 10:31 AM

if it says 19mm its for 19mm not 22... you gotta find a 22mm sprocket


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5/21/2015 10:46 AM

19 mm sprockets to small to fit a 22 mm spindle won't work


5/21/2015 11:27 AM

The spindle hole on that sprocket is actually 24mm, it just comes with a 19mm sprocket collar so out of the box you can run it 24mm or 19mm.

If you want to run that sprocket you'd have to grab a 22mm sprocket collar. I checked the La Casa 22mm sprocket collar that we have here and it would work. It isn't as deep as the actual Odyssey one but I bet it would do the trick.


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5/22/2015 2:12 PM

Thanks guys, very helpful!