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Kast Kast
7/30/2015 9:45 AM

Hey Guys
I dont ride so I dont know much about bikes. My son who is turning 8 wants a better bike for his birthday. He rides a lot at Vans Skatepark in Orange. Im looking for a better bike for him im just not sure which bike to pick.

Feel free to give me your input. Im also open to other brands.

Thank you.

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CamelOnAcid CamelOnAcid
7/30/2015 10:46 AM

The cult has a sealed cassette with an aluminum frame and the sunday has a hi ten steel frame with semi sealed cassette. Id probably lean towards the cult as the aluminum they use is the same that are on ar-15 lower recievers so its stout.

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Chelseabmx Chelseabmx
7/30/2015 11:10 AM

I would get the Cult

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Kast Kast
7/30/2015 11:37 AM

Thanks guys

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JonnyGanja JonnyGanja
7/30/2015 1:16 PM
CamelOnAcid wrote:

The cult has a sealed ...more

had to finish milling this out.


1996 dyno slammer, 1997 mosh pro, 1998 gt vertigo, 2000 haro backtrail x3, 2004 free agent tigercat, 2005 volume dinosaur, 2005 s&m black bike, 2013 stolen saint 24", 2015 flybikes proton

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CamelOnAcid CamelOnAcid
7/30/2015 1:30 PM
JonnyGanja wrote:

had to finish milling this ...more

Sweet man I've been wanting to pick up an 80% lower for awhile now just don't know if I have the patience to do it lol.

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Gsport George Gsport George
7/31/2015 6:15 AM

Perhaps go and look at the two bikes web pages again. The biggest difference between the two (in terms of how they ride) is going to be the geometry. The Sunday has short chainstays and it designed to ride like a scaled down 20"... Not sure what the Cult geometry is based off, but the chainstays look very long to me.
DISCLAIMER: I am heavily biased towards Sunday as I work for them so bear that in mind when weighting my advice..


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