Cult clothing drop

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4/17/2021 2:21 PM

Opinions? I personally think they look sick and ordered some stuff.



4/17/2021 3:04 PM

A lot of flavor! I don’t ride any cult parts but will probably get a few items.


My mom thinks I’m special

4/17/2021 3:06 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/17/2021 3:08 PM

Never liked the font they use...looks more like"Fγvt" I get what the font is meant to look like, but it's just way ugly and not my style. To each their own.


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4/17/2021 3:17 PM

Not really a Cult guy, but the cash grab tee and hoodie look pretty fly


4/17/2021 7:52 PM

I’m not too crazy on any of it and pro tip if you’re gonna make a thread about it link it in your first post.

I totally respect cult and love the team but the clothing is just not my style. Also talk is cheap is one of the best BMX videos of all time


4/18/2021 1:10 AM

i personally think all the bmx clothing industry is very ugly and cheap, i wear tshirt of company's that i want to support only
if your a cult guy than go for it


4/18/2021 1:27 PM

Cult generally nails it with the softgoods...


4/18/2021 3:41 PM

Everything looks really sweet, Cult is one of the dopest brands around no doubt.