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12/11/2016 4:12 PM

I swear to god my hub is cursed.
Every time I replace something on it; it breaks I'm like 2 weeks.
before I go on I thought i should add that I'm not just some dumb kid with a wrench that doesn't know what I'm doing
Starting from the axle, I got my Demolition Anorexia hub used (in perfect condition may I add) the only thing wrong was that the axle was stripped down to hell.
Replaced it.
Bearings basically exploded 2 weeks later and I didn't even over tighten it or anything.
Took it to a shop and they replaced it
Bearings exploded AGAIN .
Replaced it.
Driver exploded this time and now I'm just going to get a new hub.
Anyone else have cursed parts like this?


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12/11/2016 4:37 PM

That hub is notorious for doing that. Seriously EVERYONE I've known with it has had issues.

I had it like 8 years ago, driver blew out within like 2 weeks. Demolition sent me a new wheel, about a month or so later the driver started making funny noises and someone on here told me to put some kind of spacer behind the driver. That worked... for a few months anyway. Ended up snapping the axle so a friend gave me his Demolition hub so I could have the axle which I ended up bending anyway, so then I got a brand new one AND a new driver since it was starting to make noise again. Eventually got new wheels so I made it work as well as I could and sold it to someone.

Funny enough the hub my friend gave me... I eventually rebuilt, laced it up and gave it to someone who ended up blowing all the driver bearings in like 2 weeks. Those things are more hassle than they're worth. Just get a new hub.


12/12/2016 5:17 PM

closest thing to that i had was a chain that no matter what would just keep exploding. id change links and all that and random plates would crack or it would blow up later that day. started right when i got it on too. lol


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