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8/18/2013 12:26 AM

Ok what's up everyone? I'm getting back into a bmx and found what I think is a good deal on a good bike. It's a 2010 custom Eastern Night Prowler. Mods are as follows:

Demolition PA bars
Stolen convict stem
Eastern forks
Verde front rim
Eastern cranks
Odyssey pedals
Eastern back rim
Poverty seat
Shadow conspiracy grips

Guy is asking $200 figured its good bang for buck price. I'm 6'2" 160lb so it might be a touch small for my liking but I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Are there any other parts that I need to look into replacing? Tires? I need the bike to be able to withstand high drops. Thanks I don't know too much about modding bikes but I used to ride a specialized hydroform hemi mx that I loved being on since like 12 but until recently got stolen so I'm looking for a replacement. What do u guys think? Thanks.


8/18/2013 12:32 AM

good deal. go for it


I'm on the vital legit list!

8/18/2013 6:24 AM

Buy it


It’s all bmx

8/18/2013 8:54 AM

thats awesome go for it mate



8/18/2013 9:07 AM

sounds like a really good deal thumbs up kid approves

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8/18/2013 9:22 AM

Easter suckkz ballz bruh. get a premium dey da best


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