Custom VS. Stock

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4/8/2009 2:14 PM

I spend over 1500 on my custom and I'm new to riding but I brought all my parts on people said about them on vital and reviews and I liked how the bike came out the only thing I'm changing is the cranks and bb cause right now I'm running the old demolition cranks and demolition mid bb and I been having problems with them ever since I got them like I hear clunking sound coming from the crank area even when I had the crank set up on the right it made the clunking and when I moved it the left side still had the clunking and just last weekend when I was working on my bunny hops I did a hop and landed and started to pedal it started to clunk again so I'm switching the cranks and mid bb


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4/8/2009 5:07 PM

It is worth it because you are going to end up spending the money on parts some time. so it really just depends on the amount of money that you have at the moment