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10/4/2014 9:17 AM

I have 28" Wide Bars 8.5 Rise with topload and I can barspin fine, but when it comes to 180 bars I find I really need to stretch my legs back and it makes it really uncomfortable to bar. I usually find myself hitting my knee or missing the bars completely because of it. I'm thinking of cutting my bars down to 27" would this be a good idea? I find I'm never really using the full 28" of the bars anyways.

Also I'm 6ft tall


10/4/2014 9:23 AM




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10/4/2014 9:26 AM

Yeah, i had bars that were 8.5" by 27" and where by far the best feeling bars i've ridden (im same height too)


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10/4/2014 1:05 PM

If you think it will help then go for it!

Maybe try only cutting 1/4" of each side to start and see how that feels?


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10/4/2014 3:58 PM

I went for it, cut off half an inch off both sides with a hack saw, threw some grips on and no more knee pain!