Dans Comp restock

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5/21/2015 10:33 PM

When do they restock? I wanted a polished subrosa Trojan sprocket and a primo coaster lhd in polished, and a couple other things that aren't in stock..


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5/22/2015 3:24 AM



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5/22/2015 5:38 AM

You can always call them and ask. The last two parts I tried to get on back-order (Tree ergo Phat pivotal seat and Sunday Soundwave frame) started off as two weeks back-order, then slowly progressed to over a month. Could of been an isolated incident though...


5/22/2015 6:51 AM

Honestly CALL DANS AND ASK THEM. This forum is a bunch of teenagers and a handful of adults, NONE WHO WORK AT DANS as far as we know. (I feel like those people would brag).

Call dans, or look into Albes or Empire. Albe's has a presence on here and KILLER customer service. I would look into them.


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5/22/2015 6:58 AM

Yeah, just buy from albes or empire and you won't deal with that.


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