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8/15/2015 11:53 PM
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Forum has been dead

I tried a guys bike who had a Premium Stinger and I really liked it . The engagement on it felt amazing . I've looked at old threads but didn't find much , but after riding one I wouldn't mind getting one or a hub with good engagement like that .
Thoughts ?

Has anyone seen Eclats dark gum Éclat Venom sleeves ? I ride those pegs , but gum pegs , I wonder how they would slide with that colour / compound .

I've thought about posting a bike check , but I want some parts before I do anything . Would a Ricany seat look good on my bike ? ( even though he blocked me , like the look )

And 9.25 bars with a frontload stem and few spacers . Would that feel similar to a 9" bar with a topload and some spacers ?


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8/16/2015 12:03 AM

The closest I've tried to a premium stinger is a colony wasp hub. Didn't really like it because everything was literally almost instant and couldn't catch myself. If you like it go for it imo

I think the dark gum colorway would slide just like the normal black sleeves. I think it's just a color added to the plastic when the peg was being made

Don't know what the ricany seat looks like but if it is black I think it would look good

I'm 99% sure that the top load stem 9" bars and some spacers would be bigger the the front load stem bigger bars and spacers. They'd feel the same if the front load and top load were similar rises. Otherwise the 9" bars top load stem and spacers is probably going to be bigger everytime (unless the stems are similar rises)


8/16/2015 12:17 AM

I've been wanting to lace a Wasp up to a Rhyno lite or Big City. So nice feeling.

I don't even run pegs.

Just fackin do it. I think a Markit Seat would be dope on your bike. It'd match that downtube sticker, snd ya know, our lord and savior Dennis Enarson.

Frontload with 9 inch rise. So good. Trust me. Anything taller feels flexy and unless you're into or above the six foot range it just kills your hops.

Maybe to add to the conversation/small thread jack, not sure what route to go with new tires. Knobby aitken sounds nice up front, but I'm wondering if a painted concrete park with sand and leaves littering it is asking too much of it. Thinking of something like streetblocks front and rear. Idk. Something to deal with an incredibly slick park that can also handle dry, hard trails with tiny dirt clods and a little layer of loose stuff that's practically made to slip tires out. Was gonna get gum hawks but the trails thing. Oh well.


8/16/2015 12:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/16/2015 12:49 AM

Yah I've thought about throwing a Markit seat on . They have one at my local store but I really like durable / tough seats and it seems more comfy then kevlar feel me ? And it's literally mimicking Chad Kerley's / Lewis Morgan's old CK so I might hold off. The Ricany seat in that tiger camo I think would look decent on my bike , who knows.

The instant engagement felt good with me , was a bit strange with 180's but I'm more into the tech side of riding lately so I won't be blasting huge 180's like I was before and needing to worry about it having to backpedal right away. Consider I'm the fullcab/ 5 can connisoir , I think I'd enjoy the engagement for those tricks alone.

I ran a topload and the pop just died for my front end with nollies and everything so I'll stick to frontloads . My last bike had those specs , but the bars I want with my setup will be slightly lower . That's why I asked because I want to get it as close as possible without going crazy with bar height , 9.25 probably being my max at least for a while hopefully , and without wanting to run a topload.

Also Biggy I run a slick front ( BSD ) and FAF back and I like it , honestly I think unless you are a streetcat or just a park guy , having 2 different tires will kinda make it even all around , just make it work haha


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8/17/2015 6:06 AM

Fuck those hubs, so loud, annoying and I still want to put money that they slow down from so much drag, my buddy has one and holy shit I usually want to murder him. Just get a profile and be done with it


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8/17/2015 4:44 PM

anyone with an overly loud hub is banned from riding with me. or even near me.


8/17/2015 5:11 PM

pnj wrote:

anyone with an overly loud hub is banned from riding with me. or even near me.

You must be fun at parties


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8/17/2015 7:05 PM

I ride a bike with a wasp because I love the engagement of 6 pawls and it's no louder than dudes I've rode with who have super clean minis. Making your hub purposely loud is lame and I get why people hate on that but liking coasters because they're silent is equally lame. The wasp doesn't seem to coast as long as my BSD pro but it's also much cheaper. I've never seen lag on an elite


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8/17/2015 7:15 PM

^I also don't ride with people that don't know how to make their brakes not squeek.

shit's so annoying.