Demolition momentum, Fit faf tire combo??

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7/21/2013 2:02 AM

So I'm thinking of this combo. Fit faf in front and demo in the back. Will this be a good combo for street and some trails? Also I was thinking of getting the front tire in all black and the back one in white wall. (The pic is an example how it would look like) What's ur opinion on this? ThnxPhoto


7/21/2013 2:58 AM

It looks good. i have one whitewall tire in the back and my front tire is all black
i like it, my friends like it too.
i have a demolition momentum and united direct i dont know about FAFs but Demolitions are awesome! Fat, grippy, lightweight, looks good, just awesome! And on the FAF i have heard mostly good reviews about it, some not very good, its a matter of personal preference. Personally i like it, but i have never ridden it.
Good luck mate!


7/21/2013 3:46 AM

i like momentum