Demolition rotator freecoaster laced to gsport rollcage

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4/9/2016 1:35 PM

Hey guys so I just pick this up from a guy on here from the buy and sell section his named is kevin_cervantes19 he legit guy gave some extra parts pegs rim strap and two hub guards everything is in good condition. So here some pictures not on my bike not just yet but soon it would be. Photo


4/9/2016 10:12 PM

Looks good. Is the hub the Demolition Rotator V2? I don't even know if a lot of people still ride the V1 or not.


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Bought from: adam1234, tomdon (2), oscarbmx, the balt, smokesmokesmoke

4/10/2016 12:17 AM

I think it is the v2 but don't know would this help it said v2 on the hub here is a picturePhoto