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webbiemy webbiemy
1/29/2020 1:23 PM

Hi, I’m new to BMX world. My son was given a Diamondback Viper, appears to be from 2008, according to serial number. Was wondering if this is a good racing bike and what its worth in today’s market. I could not find it on bicycle blue book website. It’s in good condition. Functions well. I replaced chain and brake cable/housing. Photo Has a few cosmetic scratches. Tires are in fair condition. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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pnj pnj
1/29/2020 3:19 PM

how old is your son?
how tall is your son?

if the bike fits him it's a perfect bike for starting out on.

You'll have to take off the reflectors to race it, I'm pretty sure.

My only suggestion is that you also get a bike so you can ride with him. Don't be the dad on the sidelines yelling at him when you have no experience racing. smile

and, bikes are just fun as heck so.. get one for yourself and pedal with your son.

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readybmxer readybmxer
1/29/2020 3:57 PM

It may be heavily outdated, but still looks good!

Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.

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ggallin422 ggallin422
1/31/2020 4:45 AM

probably worth about $50-$75 if your lucky. looks like its in good shape to ride though. how old is your son? does he plan to race? you gonna take him to the tracks every weekend?

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HavokDJ HavokDJ
2/9/2020 8:54 AM

Beginner bike for sure, but doesn’t look bad. Honestly like ggallin422 said you aren’t looking at much in the way of resale value but that’s bmx in general.

Gave up on BMX to hang out with 13 year old soundcloud rappers, what a life, such a cool guy!
-Sheldon on Adam22

"The only future for BMX"

Yeah, kids getting shit bikes, breaking them and then quitting. LOL
-jbales on mafiaBIKES

I’ve been a 14 year old beginner for the last ten years

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ggallin422 ggallin422
2/10/2020 3:31 AM
pnj wrote:

how old is your son?
how ...more

you cant race with reflectors? why? seriously, why? lol

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