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7/31/2014 6:47 AM

So i need a good and spacious bag for my travels (fyi the proper bag scks arse! dont get it) and i want a subrosa vemon demin, BUT its nowhere to be found in stock in the UK, and seventies is out of stockaswell, which leaves me with one option, order from the US. Price wise is not a concern, I have a job, and it barely costs more, and thats WITH the priority shipping, but thats the thing, it takes 6-10 working days for priority shipping, and from the day i get payed its 11 working days till i go on holiday, which is cutting it super short, especially since you have to pay duty etc bs which could slow shit down. But i NEED a decent bag, so my question.Is the postage reliable enough for me to risk it? Im fucked if i risk it and it doesnt arrive in time... I'm really stuck on this one.and help/peoples experiance would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys


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