Do danscomp bmx bikes come pre-greased?

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11/11/2014 10:40 PM

I'm ordering a new bmx bike off of dans comp soon and would like to know if bmx bikes come pre-greased, specifically the rear hub, headset, and cranks.


11/12/2014 4:53 AM
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11/12/2014 5:45 PM



11/12/2014 5:58 PM

in order to preserve the bike, they store it in salt. Makes the bike last a lot longer. When you take it out of the box, you have to scrape the salt off the parts before you put it all togather.


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11/12/2014 6:05 PM

They will come greased where they need to be. For instance, the sealed bearings will have grease in them already, and unsealed bearings will have grease in them as well.

Working at a shop (when we order bikes, they come to us just as they would come to you from Danscomp), I've noticed they do not typically put grease in bearing seats for the headset or BB like there should be, or grease the threads on the compression caps or crank spindle splines. Those would be good spots to grease yourself, as well as greasing the threads on the pedals before you install them as well since they don't come pre-installed.

Everything else should be greased from the start though so you should be good, but every couple of months it's always a good idea to go back and clean everything out and put some fresh grease in. Maybe like ever 4-5 months or so.