Do you trust patches?

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8/4/2013 10:04 PM

What's your view on patches? for me i don't trust patches AT ALL i rather buy a fresh new tube.


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8/4/2013 10:05 PM

Nope a new tube is 5 bucks I'll just buy one.


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8/4/2013 10:07 PM

Patches are great. I run 120PSI patches or not. It's a shame that most people don't know how to use or care them properly, most particularly waiting for the glue to dry (to allow waste gases to escape)


8/4/2013 10:17 PM

I used to patch tubes and im good at it, but truly, its best to just run tire liners, a harder tire (no pinch flats) and a few rim strips! No punctures that way lol i buy new tubes normally, i stock up normally lol. I am actually a big fan of slime tubes!! I ran 2 of those for idk how long! Only problem is after a few tires and pumping them all the time, the valve can wear out and get clogged and the tiny holes it fixes can re open sometimes. and then you gotta pump it back up and spin the wheel to get it resealed. I switched back to normal tubes after a while cuz slime tubes cost like 10 bucks. haha If i do have cash, i get slime tubes because they really do help. i dont get many flats nowadays with normal tubes, so slime tubes are overkill.


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8/4/2013 10:22 PM

MaximusBikes wrote:

I used to patch tubes and im good at it, but truly, its best to just run tire liners, a harder tire (no pinch flats) and a few ...more

haha slime tubes get messy though and i never get a flat often either just got to know how to ride correctly and watch out for glass.. and i have a tire liner in the back so i guess that is what has been helping my back not get flats.


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8/4/2013 10:30 PM

Slime tubes are very prone to rupture and failed sealing, add a lot of inertia to the wheel and are generally not at all worth it.

Tire liners help, but generally just slow the rate of punctures down (see last paragraph)

Harder durometer tires won't help prevent pinch flats (where the tube gets caught in a crease in the tire), higher pressure will help though

One thing that really, really helps is to remove glass from your tire before it makes it to the tube. Very often it will enter the tire but take a while to penetrate to the tube. Regularly nspect tires for holes and slits, and probe the holes for glass (removing if found), you can help reduce the rate of punctures more effectively


8/4/2013 10:32 PM

if i don't have the money for a new tube or a spare or if i'm to lazy to go to the nearest store i usually just get patches i found a bunch in my garage there basically for emergencies so i don't use them often i dont really pop tubes anymore but it does happen or i'll wait till i get like 5 or 6 bucks to buy a new one which isn't very long i think they are ok


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8/4/2013 10:35 PM

Slime tubes suck. If you use em they randomly explode sometimes. The slime never works either.



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8/4/2013 10:44 PM

Never fucked with patches. I have a stock pile of those cheap dans tubes, i may get a flat 3 times a year at most so im set for a while.


8/4/2013 10:46 PM

i hate patches.. i suck at putting them on and even when i do get it on correctly i just dont feel like it would hold as well as just having a new tube...


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8/5/2013 7:46 AM

I just get a new tube


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8/5/2013 7:50 AM

patches work fine for me


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8/5/2013 7:55 AM

i patch my tubes. they hold just fine. i also wipe my tire as i ride when i hear things sticking to them


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8/5/2013 8:12 AM

I often just buy a new tube but I've been running those Danscomp Heavy Duty Tubes for I don't know how long now and I don't think I'll ever need a new one, haha. each tube weighs a full pound or so but I seriously loved them once I got used to them.


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8/5/2013 8:19 AM

I usually buy a new tube, and then put slime int it, because that shit works for me. Sometimes I patch stuff, but not usually


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8/5/2013 8:40 AM

patches are great to me. if you get the sticker ones(that dont use the rubber cement shit) theyll last. before i got new tires and tubes from dans i had a good 5-6 patches on both of my tubes.



8/6/2013 12:12 PM

Patches are more puncture-resistance than the actual tube, so there isn't any problem with using them if you know how to put them on properly. Make sure the tube is pretty deflated before putting it on, make sure the glue is dry BEFORE butting the patch on, and put pressure on it for a couple of minutes. Also bear in mind that a pinch puncture or slit will get increasingly bigger so they can't be patched. I've rode with 7 patches on one tube before.


8/6/2013 12:38 PM

the only time i get flats is when i were through my tire due to i ride my tires till you can see the tube



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8/7/2013 2:10 AM

TheBrandonFranke wrote:

Slime tubes suck. If you use em they randomly explode sometimes. The slime never works either.

This. One time, I over-inflated my FAF to 130 PSI and left it in the garage at 100+ degree weather. Damn thing blew a bigass gash in the sidewall! Needless to say, it was pretty much my fault. Slime barely came out of the gash so I was definitely lucky on that. Then another time, I pumped my friend's Momentum to 100 PSI and in 80+ degree weather at school, it randomly blows and slime is literally everywhere! The gash was even wider this time and the wire was showing.. It was all bad.. I then got another self-sealing tube and rode it for almost a year no problems no matter what temperature. I don't get it. ._____.


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8/7/2013 2:57 AM

patches are greg but i buy 3 cheap tubes at a time and use tire liners, rim strips and put one of those resistant tubest cut out over it. heavy but i love it


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