Does Anybody Have Any Recommendations For Handlebars That Are Good For Park/Dirt

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6/1/2014 7:45 PM

someone help please i need new bars I ride park and dirt.


6/1/2014 7:48 PM


lol thats a MTB brand. Any handlebars will work. I'd get wider ones , maybe 29-30 inches for more stability.


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6/1/2014 7:52 PM

I recommend Shadow Vultus or Cult Butter bars on every "What Bars?" thread that I see and there's a reason:

They're. Damn. Good.


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6/1/2014 9:07 PM

S&m bars


6/1/2014 9:26 PM

Fly Panteras


2Hi throwaway



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6/2/2014 5:16 AM

What about the fit clubman's are they any good


6/2/2014 7:42 AM

Tree Moto bars


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6/3/2014 8:16 AM

mongoose bars..... but in all reality, the best bars ive ever owned were fbm tall boys


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