Does anybody ride drivetrainless bikes?

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12/20/2013 2:27 PM

I'm wondering if anybody on vital rides drivetrainless bikes. If so, post pics!


12/20/2013 2:54 PM

i did for a week or two when my chain died, due to my brain wanting to pedal i used a shoe string tied around my crank arm and chainstay to prevent me from pedaling wich would cause me to bash my knee, had to adjust some slack to make it possible to manual


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12/20/2013 4:00 PM

I did for nearly a year. I found a DK R/T frame on Amazon for $70 when I first got into biking. Copped that mofo and put all my shitty Walmart parts on it. Jammed the standard bearing races into the Integrated headtube, everything. Then realized I couldnt use my cranks on the spanish bb. So I just put two screw on pegs on the back and kicked it around until Christmas haha.


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12/20/2013 6:24 PM

I have when I had broken chains and stuff, just kick pushin and flowin in park... nothing special


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12/20/2013 7:10 PM

Deaf Paul!!

well not drive trainless... i mean he still has cranks.

I have these two friends i ride with in the summer that took this tiny 20 inch bike and put giant bars on it and 2 pegs on the back and had no BB at all and no cranks, etc. That thing was really pretty sweet. I think i did like a manual three on it somehow haha it was sweet.

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12/20/2013 7:16 PM

^ inspirational video right there


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12/20/2013 9:20 PM

def paul is a fuckin baller


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