Done for a few months

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10/4/2011 5:16 AM

Been every wear the last 6 months guys, just crashed hard though last week and broke my collar bone sad. ill post some x-ray shots when i got them, but looks like ill be done for a few months, Ill have to live vicariously through everyone else on this forum till im good to go again !!!



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10/4/2011 6:00 AM

That sucks man... Sorry to hear your hurt. Time off the bike can be good though, I've mostly been on a break for about a year, just riding once a month or so, and my body has been very happy for the break! I haven't broken a bone in a year, which is pretty big for me personally...

I'm starting back riding again finally, and its pretty sweet. Good luck with your recovery!


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10/4/2011 8:44 AM

get well dude, and since it broke, actually follow the doctors orders. they are there to get you back, no keep you off.


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10/4/2011 10:21 AM

that sucks man but look at the postive it happened right before winter? no super cold riding right?

im kinda in the same boat i torn the tendon in my finger so i have this nice metal splint on. i can still roll around but as for doing anytype of trick is imposisble cause the grips try and rip off the splint.


10/4/2011 1:50 PM

bummer dude injuries suck......i gotta take 6 or 7 months off riding now to but thats just cause i live in canada and its pretty much last week or 2 of riding before we get a few feet of snow dumped on us up here


10/4/2011 3:06 PM

im in the same boat man i was ridieng some trails, crashed, and somehow got a cut that went all the way down to the bone. The stupid doc wouldnt give me antibiotics and now its seriously infected, they have been pumping anitboitics into my system because they are affriad the infection has worked its way into my blood stream.

sucks :/


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