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6/13/2015 4:31 PM

Got a question. I ordered a Cinema Vx2 rear wheel. You can switch the drive sides, my question is how do you switch it from RHD to LHD? Thanks.


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6/13/2015 6:42 PM

It uses switch drive system, which I've never seen in person... But from photos on Google, it seems you just take the driver out & flip the pawls & springs around to the opposite way they're facing and then the ratchet ring comes out but looking at the photo below, it could have a lock ring that needs removed first, then you just flip that the other way around, put the lock ring back in, put your hub back together and there ya go



6/13/2015 7:57 PM

It's easy, u can do it without tools, just pull out the driver n switch pawls/ springs around


6/13/2015 7:58 PM

And flip the ratchet