Drive side hub guard

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7/30/2016 12:40 PM

Heii guys
I have a question. If I have a drive side hub guard
my chain, hub and spokes won't get damaged. Am I right?



7/30/2016 3:23 PM

Yes, that sounds right to me. The purpose is to protect the chain and hub, and if the hub is protected the part of the spokes that meet the hub will be covered as well. Here's a picture of a drive side hub guard as an example. Photo


7/30/2016 4:10 PM

Your chain could still get damaged if you mess the grind up and slam onto the ledge with your sprocket or chainstay... other than that though, it'll protect your hub, spokes, driver & chain (where it covers it anyway) from grind damage.

I recommend the G-Sport Uniguard. It's fairly cheap, chromoly, and doesn't take up any space in your dropouts so there's no hassle of spreading your frame to fit your wheel