Driver side hubguard not fitting

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8/20/2019 3:27 PM

Hey guys been like 3 years since I've touched this forum hope everyone is doing good

I have an eclat cortex free coaster and the gong hubguard that fits it but it doesn't sit straight against the frame and when I tighten my wheel it moves and then starts to rub, Any ideas on how to fix?



8/20/2019 5:59 PM

Is your wheel axle straight? Also if nylon or alloy gong you need to make sure you got the correct adapter for the hub.


8/20/2019 11:06 PM

If the axle opening is too small you could drill it out a bit.


8/21/2019 3:23 AM

Your frame may not be compatible, i had issues with the daily grind guard on certain frames, if you can afford it I suggest getting the eclat overguard that rests on the outside of the drop out.


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