Driveside grinding

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2/18/2015 7:14 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/18/2015 7:15 PM

Wondering how many people do this? I ride LSD always, my dominant grindside is the right when it comes to most variations doing double pegs . While I do ride 4 pegs, most grinds on my driveside consists of smiths and feebles at times. Ive never put to much though into this because my sprocket was never in the way. I have a rsd hubset and I debate keeping it, I do ride 4 hubguards and an mds sprocket. Never do I ever grind on the chainstay, Im fairly clean and only my pegs and guards show wear from use. To the people who grind on their driveside most of the time, do you come across many issues or have problems with your sprocket being in the way?

ps, Id try riding but Im having issues with the plate from my surgery back in Oct. These mountain of snow arent helping either.



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2/18/2015 7:33 PM

I grind naturally left but I ride 4 pegs. My coaster is lhd cause the deal was too good to pass up. A 510 chain and a dsg left me with no worries


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2/18/2015 7:35 PM

I have right side drive and grind right side , never ran a hub guard never had a problem , if I had lhd it would get in the way on my bottom bracket grinds


2/19/2015 8:43 AM

when i first started i had pegs on the left until a friend i was riding with told be i was doing it wrong so i relearned on the right this all happen before i knew about hub guards and all that good stuff

now i ride 4 pegs, 4 daily grind guards and the daily grind sprocket


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