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10/30/2013 10:30 PM

Hey so lately I've had some roughness when pedaling. There's annoying crackle/squeek and my drivetrain just doesn't feel as solid as it should. Ive had the same bb for 2+ years now so im thinking that may be part of the problem. Could u guys just break down what needs to be lubed in the drive train and wether to use grease or like a thinner lube. Would really appreciate some answers. Thanks.


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10/30/2013 10:43 PM

Take your hub apart and clean it out, regrease it with a lighter grease

For the chain i usually just clean it then put alittle oil on it and dry off the excess, you can also try and clean out your bearings maybe some dirt got in them.

Also check to see that the cranks aren't loose my bike was making noise like that too and i tightened my cranks and it stopped


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10/31/2013 8:57 AM

Clean and regrease everything. Chain, BB, Driver, wheel bearings.

My BB is literally from 2006 or 2007. I got it for my Failure frame back then. I pull off the seals and relube the bearings at least once a year.


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10/31/2013 10:36 AM

Take apart and clean your BB kit. Also make sure your crank spindle has a little grease on it. Metal on Metal with no grease will make squeak noises. Also check your pedals to make sure they haven't loosened up from fakies. If they loosen up while doing fakies get some lock tight to go on the pedal spindle so it wont back out of the crank. Also if your pedals are old and unsealed, your bearings could be shot. Buy new pedals if you feel its that too. Hope this helps. I too have dealt with this problem and usually putting grease on the spindle works.


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