Dropping down TT size...?

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11/12/2016 5:34 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/12/2016 5:36 PM

Thinking of getting the Haro La Bastille frame for the geo and color. It comes in 19.5, 20.25 and 21.

Right now I am on a 20.5 and it feels good. I am about 5'6"...20.25 seems like the reasonable one.

Would dropping down to a 20.25 have any negative affects...? (Really wish haro offered a 20.5 in the La Bastille)

Can 20.25 be too small for me (feeling cramped/back strain)...?


11/12/2016 6:41 PM

I believe you're not going to notice much of a difference at all


11/12/2016 6:48 PM

are you going to grow any more though? Cause you might want to go bigger if you plan on keeping it for a while and are gonna get bigger


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11/13/2016 8:01 AM

I'm about 5'8-5'9 and tbh anything over about 20.6 to me feels bad. Like the bike is noticeably too long for me. I've also rode a 20.2 mutiny and it was too short. With the 13.1 inch back end the bike was too sketchy for most tricks and cramped feeling but it may not be too bad for you if you're a few inches shorter. Also if you don't do barspins a longer stem will help. I ride a 20.5 now and my next frame will likely be 20.4 or 20.6 depending.


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