Eastern throttle

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4/3/2017 9:28 AM

I'm looking to get into racing and just bought a redline mx-20. I'm looking at replacing the rear wheel since it's not a cassette. Does anyone have experience with the eastern throttle?


4/3/2017 12:16 PM

I'd love to help you out dude but there's really no racers on this site. Pretty much all of us are freestyle riders


4/3/2017 12:21 PM

Ah dang alright thank you for the heads up though


4/3/2017 2:43 PM

Your going to want something larger than a 9t cassette. I think the standard in racing is still a 16t. If I raced I'd just use a nice freewheel and flip flop hub, and spend the rest on a odyssey 7ka rim. Probably wouldn't cost much more than that cheap eastern wheel, and would be so much better.


4/4/2017 3:29 AM

That helps a ton thank you ggallin! I'll have to start searching for that kind of setup