Eclat Dynamic FA Cassette HELP!!!

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5/10/2013 6:21 PM

Ok, i just got my this hub, Its my first female on the back. So anyways my problem is when i tighten the wheel to the frame the hub goes in perfectly but my only problem is the cranks would get soo tight while the chain in the other hand would be pretty loose. any tips on how to fix that? Also i could spin/ride with the hub like, its just why does the cranks get soo tight to a point where i have to basically use strength to move it? Its really annoying riding like that. Anyone have ever had that problem? Thanks.


5/11/2013 2:38 AM

Sounds to me like you're tightening it up too much, or your driver side cone nut is too tight.
Tightening up a wheel wouldn't make your cranks go tight.

Put your wheel on and tighten it up without the chain on and try to move the driver with your fingers, if you can't something on your hub is too tight. Either the driver cone nut or the axle bolt.


5/11/2013 9:59 AM

Your driver is way too tight.
Just loosen the cone nut in front of it a little bit.


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