Eclat Mercury Stem?

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4/15/2015 1:07 PM

Anyone rode this? Kinda liking it in black but I'm not sure.


4/15/2015 1:08 PM

Personally, I think it looks sick. And it's pretty decent quality, so i'd say go for it dude!


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4/16/2015 1:57 AM

my mate has it, looks good, he has no complaints. cold forged so its cheap and strong, cant go wrong!


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4/16/2015 10:37 AM

It's like a Sunday but more expensive , looks better , and will probably be better . I've been riding Eclat parts for a moment now and they've been good , I thought about buying this but my Fiend topload is doing its job fine .


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4/19/2015 2:48 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/19/2015 2:58 AM

Eclat always makes good shit. I ride mostly Eclat parts. I'm in the works to building a new setup and seriously considered putting this stem on my new ride, and I'm stupidly picky over what I ride. I went with the Tree Canopy because of more reach, but the Mercury was right behind that decision.


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