Eddie Frame!! weight and pegs

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10/3/2009 9:35 AM

not that it matters but how much does the eddie v2 frame weigh danscomp says 4lb 13.oz and fit says 4lb 8oz?? and can i use pegs on it?


10/3/2009 9:38 AM

they both say LBS, OZ. or does fit say 4.8lbs? cause 4.8lbs is 4lbs and 13oz.


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10/3/2009 9:39 AM

ummm why wouldnt you be able to run pegs??


10/3/2009 9:41 AM

idk on dans it says not for pegs


10/3/2009 9:43 AM

you must be right abod


10/3/2009 9:45 AM

if you wanna run pegs get the dehart
the dropouts on the eddie are TINY and bend easy


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10/3/2009 2:49 PM

for the 21tt its 4 13 oz


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