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8/7/2013 5:06 PM

I've been popping tubes a lot lately so i might buy 10 tubes off of empire bmx for the price i would pay for 2 at a store near my house. Are these tubes any good or will they pop fast


8/7/2013 5:10 PM

All tubes are the same.


8/7/2013 5:36 PM

If you are pooping tubes that much, its you who are doing something wrong...tubes have nothing to do with it.



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8/7/2013 5:44 PM

Get some rim strips if you don't have them. Then get Tire liners, and throw some slime in them tubes.


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8/7/2013 5:45 PM

Check your rim for anything that might puncture it. Maybe use a little more tire pressure and if that doesn't work get some of that tire liner stuff i heard it works well.


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8/7/2013 6:10 PM

all tubes are not the same. some are thicker. they are also making them different to accommodate the bigger tires being made nowadays, for example, 2.35

OP: look at the different tubes on dans comp and you will see what i mean.

like already stated, make sure you have rim strips and make sure your rim isn't doing the damage.

my question is: are they popping while you are riding or are you experiencing slow leaks?
i ask because if you are getting slow leaks, it might be you doing damage when you are putting the tire on.


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8/7/2013 6:16 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/7/2013 6:16 PM

If its not your spoke heads poping up then you might wanna just get some thorn resistant tubes I've had the same one on the front since February and i always used to get flats cuz my bike is my transportation and i ride it everyday, the only reason i got a flat on my rear is cuz when i got my rim laced up they got the wrong size spokes so i had to get some cloth rim tape but if wasent for that I'm pretty sure i would still have the tube.
Edit: make sure if it is thorns that you check your tire and pull them out before putting those tubes in


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8/7/2013 6:24 PM

Put some duct-tape on the inside of the tires


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8/7/2013 8:34 PM

ok well thanks for replying guys i guess i worded the post wrong. I dont need help with my tubes popping ive popped 3 since i got my bike but im sick of paying 10 bucks for a tube so i was wondering if the tubes on empire bmx are any good. And no all tubes are not the same some could be thin and some could be thick.


8/7/2013 9:33 PM

99storm1 wrote:

ok well thanks for replying guys i guess i worded the post wrong. I dont need help with my tubes popping ive popped 3 since i ...more

All tubes of the same type are exactly the same. All regular tubes will be the same, all ultralite tubes will be the same, and all heavy duty tubes will be the same.