Erza sprocket review?

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8/5/2013 11:02 PM

thinking chromo 28t


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8/5/2013 11:08 PM

It isnt in Chromo? haha its a 7075 aluminum sprocket! I have it in 28t! I did mine in chrome and its GREAT!! I sprocket stall from time to time, this sprocket takes it, no questions asked! Not one bit of a bend, i beat on it and smash it on grinds and i have a friend that does crooks and catches it a lot and never has a problem! Its so tough! I did crank slides when i had my rail before it was stolen and i hit my sprocket and nothing ever happened!


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8/6/2013 7:49 AM

It lasts a fair amount of time. Mine went 6 months before bending


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