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1/31/2008 5:51 AM

Im sooo tired of fakes on this site saying they ride pro or theyre sponsered yet they lie about it that just drives me up a wall i have no problem with anyone just why fliping lie about it


1/31/2008 8:04 PM

i'm NOT sponsored and i'm not pro either... i just ride cause it makes me feel good!but i get your point, just look at the posers post i started!


chuck norris rides little kid's bikes!!!

2/18/2008 7:25 PM

Me too... and I'm going to be in the x-games next yeargrin


2/19/2008 9:13 AM

I no Right!!! I ride because its fun-PEACEsmile


2/19/2008 9:55 AM

i wish i could say i'm a sponsored pro, but i'm not.... sooo... who cares?!


2/19/2008 1:09 PM

who cares...let people say what they want. i have bigger worries than some kid who says he's a pro.


this machine kills fascists


2/19/2008 2:06 PM

I saw a comment from a guy talking about he can't wait for x-games bmx dirt in 2008, but it had been cancelled back in 2006-2007 for the new rally car event.