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7/27/2015 12:40 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/27/2015 1:20 AM

okay im about to buy a fat bmx seat (not for a trend) and im wondering if there are any cons to having a fat seat?
the main thing would be would i catch my foot trying to do cans and is it harder to do other certain tricks with it? and when im peddling i shouldnt catch my foot on the seat?
thanks smile

(also buying bars, i have 8.25 rise atm and they hurt my back and hands because i have to lean over the bars a bit because they are quite small, im thinking of getting 9inch rise (i dont have a top load stem by the way) should i get them? im quite tall at 6'1".


7/27/2015 1:01 PM

I upgraded to a fat seat for the very first time after riding slim seats all my life. It honestly all depends on how high you ride your seatpost. I've ran seats slammed all my life because that's just my preference. Some people like running higher seats, just see what you personally like. As for the seat getting in the way of tricks, I don't really think so.


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7/27/2015 1:10 PM

Depends on the size of the seat. I have only run fat seats, and they don't cause me issue. Now a Haro Mirra seat VS the "fat seats" of today are very different. I would say just get one, run it, and you will probably be fine. They make some things easier in my opinion (at least if you have the seat up enough to pinch it with your knees).


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7/27/2015 1:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/27/2015 1:41 PM

I ride a fat seat with around 3 inch of seat post, I love being able to seat, and i don't want to break my ass on a slim.
Also i ride this seat height because i had save me many many times while doing manuals; at the loopout time, I just seat on and my front wheel goes down instead of jump running after the bike while holding grips which could be really scary and dangerous while doing high speed manuals on the road.

Fat seats can be annoying while slamming, I had try and i often hit the seat with legs / foots / ankle...

For the increase bar height, good idea, I'm 6'1 like you, i was riding a 21" frame and had moving my bar (8,75") higher and higher with a high rise stem and the good amount of spacers, moving the bar higher can be cool for the back but at a time you need to also increase the top tube lenght or you'll be crisped by another way.
Moving to a 21.5" frame was the best decision ever to me.
To try the "feel" of a longer tube, push your bar forward to have a more roomy bike, but the handling will become more quick because of more weight over the front axle, also easier to nose manualling, some people like that, i personnaly don't.
So it will not reproduce the feel of a 21.5" tube, but the room you can win with it.
I know the frame wasn't in your questions but it may help you in the future.