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4/25/2015 11:31 AM

I traded bars some number of weeks ago, Division C-Bah's for Fit Benny's (Found out they were stock via image search)

They are stock because the bottom of the tubing is closed when the aftermarket ones are open ended

Here's a rundown of the bars in terms of dimensions

Divisions (Modified)
29.25" Wide (Cut to 27" Wide)
9" Rise
1 Deg. Upsweep
12 Deg. Backsweep (I believe so)

Stock Fit Benny's
28.5" Wide (Riding uncut)
8.85" Rise
4 Deg. Upsweep
12 Deg. Backsweep (I believe so)

Divsion Bar Color: Used to be clearcoat raw, but painted black later on
Fit Benny Color: Was the stock matte-ish black but I repainted them Satin Black

Both bars are full chromoly, but the Divisions are heat treated.

Reasons as to why I traded, I wanted more upsweep, I wanted to go wider again for better side to side balance in manuals (I noticed major improvement coming from 27 inches wide to 28.5) And I wanted a more in between size....
I had Kink Human Bars and those Divisions, after trading, I tried the Benny's and kept them on because I LOVE how they feel.

The Kink Humans are 8.75 rise and the Divisions were 9 inches in rise. 8.85 Rise feels perfect, I am also riding my Salt TL Stem (NOT A HIGH RISE) flipped and it's PERFECT...

My point/question is. Aside from getting stock bars, if you were in my situation, and you did a trade of that sort, and found out the part you got was stock, but you loved how they felt and rode. Would you still feel ripped off? or would you just go with it because you enjoy how the product rides/feels? Cause honestly, I dont feel ripped off because I enjoy them sooo damn much, but I am not sure if I SHOULD feel ripped off because they are stock and unsure how long they may last.

It's not too big of an issue, I'll just be buying aftermarket benny's next when these wear out.


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4/25/2015 12:13 PM

Hell no. If you like it you like it. Might as well get some use out of them, beat them to shit and move onto the new ones.


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4/25/2015 1:52 PM

$80 new bars cost $20 used on craigslist all day. If you like em you didn't get ripped off


4/27/2015 8:06 AM

I would make sure to mention it to the person I got em from, but I would just ride them. It is what it is.

Maybe they would buy you a milkshake for the incorrect information given?


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4/27/2015 9:04 AM

dave lawrence wrote:

I would make sure to mention it to the person I got em from, but I would just ride them. It is what it is.

Maybe they would ...more

cant complain at a free milkshake


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4/27/2015 9:12 AM

You seem to have find your perfect bar, so enjoy it, bar is a really personnal thing.

Now enven if it´s a stock bar, it´s still a good crmo stuff, now if one day you bend or break the bar, you know what mesurement you need.